My Plans For March | University Life #5

Hi guys!

This is just a little update regarding what I’m doing and how I’m doing at university. Also, the featured pic is mine and the weather has been crazy the past few days!

Firstly, we are coming to the closing chapters of this term which, for me, comes with mixed feelings. I am feeling very productive at the minute and I am really pushing myself in these last few weeks to get my essays in and to feel confident about them. In one  way, this means that I’m not ready for a break and I want to carry on because I have really hit my stride. On the other hand, I need a break because I can feel myself getting exhausted and I don’t want to hit a point where I can’t bare to look at my university work. Plus, I can’t wait to be home to see my family and go see my friends in a production of “Hairspray”! Elliot is playing the keys.

In terms of the content, I am still enjoying my modules and keeping interested in what I’m being taught. This is so different to how I was feeling at this point last semester. I was beginning to feel defeated and a bit fed up. I’m so glad I managed to turn things around.

When it comes to what I have planned this month I can’t wait for you guys to come along for the journey. After I get all of my essays in and I university comes to a close I will have some more free time to dedicate to the progression of my blog. It feels really good to finally have a community that is responsive to my content because if you read my blog post on A Changing Audience you’ll see my conflict regarding my new focuses.

As I mature and become a more independent person, I am learning that I am really bad at socialising and making friends. I have anxieties surrounding going out to nightclubs and prefer a quiet bar somewhere but no one seems to like that sort of thing. Nightclubs just intimidate me and I really don’t understand why. I think it’s just some deep-rooted anxiety that possess from overthinking because I would win Gold in the Olympic sport of overthinking. I don’t talk to many people and I’m not part of any societies. I have definitely isolated myself and wish I didn’t do that now because the academic cycle does wear you down. However, I am keeping my head up and the friends I do have are amazing and incredible and I thank them so much for stand by my boring side.

Semester Two is going really well and I am happy with my progress. Thank you all for reading and I hope, if you live in the UK, you have stayed safe in this unusual weather we’ve had over the past few days.


Kenny 🙂


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