Body Shaming… Why?

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I saw a tweet the other day that really rubbed me the wrong way. What made it worse was the fact that it had thousands and thousands of likes and retweets. The only saving grace was the people in the comments who were standing up for the people being overlooked by this tweet. I was going to tweet in response but I couldn’t contain my thoughts to only a certain number of characters (oops)!

I’m not a militant social justice warriors but this is important.

Here’s the tweet…


I’ve chosen to not include the username because I don’t want this person to receive any messages that are plainly just an attack on her as a person. This post is all about how blind to difference this person is expressing in this tweet and how the popularity of the tweet reflects some peoples views on society.

The concept that the bigger you are the more you should pay is wrong. Plain and simple. This is basically a way of punishing people for being bigger than you. Firstly, your weight is your own business. As long as you perceive yourself to be healthy then that is okay. As long as you’re feeling good then do you. It is not for anyone else to say anything about your weight unless they are a doctor. This is my first point, don’t judge others until you know enough about them! I’m not trying to be bossy but I just want to make people aware that words do hurt. The rest of my post should make this ideology clear.

This is not all about weight. The size of your clothes is not always to do with your body fat percentage. Some people are naturally taller than others. Taller people have longer bodies but this is not their fault? Being tall is a biological thing that we have no control over. If the person who wrote this tweet was super tall they wouldn’t be thinking the same thing.

Should your biological genes determine how much you pay for your denim jeans?

Also, I have noticed some comments regarding the female body. Some women have naturally large breasts. It brings it right back to the idea that people should be punished for their genes. If you need a top that is larger than someone else just because you have larger breasts then you should not be charged more. It’s the same with thighs, some females (and many males like myself) are thicker in the thigh department. We are not ‘overweight’ we just have larger thighs. Basing it on how much material is used is so absurd. It would cost pennies to use a little bit of extra fabric so why is this person making such a big deal about it.

Going back to biology, thyroid based issues also cause people to gain weight. It’s not just about overeating. Many factors that are out of human control cause people to gain weight. Many contraceptive pills also cause weight gain as well as other hormone based medicines. So many medical issues can result in you needing bigger clothes. In addition, people who work out all of the time and have BIG muscles will need bigger clothes. They are at the peak of physical fitness, should they be hit by this clearly fat-phobic rule as well?

I could go on for pages and pages just full of reasons why this tweet is so blind. This person is exercising privilege. They have found something they believe to be unfair. They think their clothes should be cheaper because they are thinner than other people. This rule would also need to be applied to everything. The longer the book the more you pay? The bigger the shoe size the more you pay? The more ingredients in something, the more you pay?

If they, god forbidding, were in some kind of accident and were bed ridden for a while and gained weight from it, they’d regret what they were writing. If they were naturally tall and lived on the poverty line meaning money was tight, they’d regret writing that.

Once again, someone who lives a very privileged life is trying to define how other people should live theirs. Don’t punish people for needing bigger clothes. This person previously tweeted about the issue of male suicide yet they are promoting body shaming, a HUGE cause of suicide.

We are all guilty of making judgements. It’s a natural and subconscious cognitive function but always second guess your initial impression. Think before you speak. Don’t be that person.

The incredible featured images was found in this BUZZFEED article:


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