EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

Hey guys,

I feel like my last two blog posts have been pretty down and out. I’ve been discussing social issues that I feel need to be talked about and, although important, isn’t everything this blog is about. So this weeks post will be a bit lighter and brighter.


My exams are done, and all my library books returned, and I’m feeling so good. You don’t realise how something weighs you down and makes you feel BLEURGH until it’s gone. This blog post will just be a little discussion about my exams, my plans for summer and whatever else comes into my mind whilst laid here typing.

Firstly, my exams. In comparison to how I felt coming out of the January exams, this semester went 1000000% better. I felt completely prepared and at the top of my game going into them and I was so proud when I left the exam room.

Exams are absurdly pressurised and my opinions about them can be put in a whole different blog post. You build yourself up for months and weeks for this two hour window where you have to write the things that are exactly right. Sitting in that exam hall is hell but when you leave and give that long exhale of breath, you realise how proud of yourself you should be. Just sitting in the hall and giving it a go is something that you should be proud of so if you’ve sat any exams recently, go you.

Now that uni is over I’ve been working my lil job lots. I’m cramming in those hours in order to get as much money as I can for summer. Leading onto the topic of summer I have so many things I really want to do! Creatively, I want to start writing for pleasure rather than grades again. I want to start being more consistent in terms of posting and giving out content that makes a difference. I just want to have summer to grow as a person and as a “brand”. I hate turning social media into a vehicle for business and admin but I’m realising now that if I put the work in, I could have so many opportunities open to me from social media. The word “social” is the most important. I like the idea of entertaining and educating people and I think that’s why I have such an affinity to social media.

As well as being creative and expressive, I’m going to do a lil bit of travelling this summer. No where particularly exotic BUT the UK has so much to offer travel and adventure wise and why not explore it. There are so many places in my own country that I haven’t been but would love to see. You’ll get to know where I’m heading soon and you’ll get to follow me there because I’m planning on filming it.

The big thing I want to do this summer is delve into the world of YouTube. I started a channel early this year just to experiment with filming and editing and content and I really enjoyed the process. I didn’t really share my YouTube channel all that much because it was only a few videos to test the waters. I want to make YouTube a staple and build a my audience over on that platform. YouTube is a creative outlet that has been growing for years and it is going from strength to strength. However, that niggling feeling in the back of my head is always there: WHAT IF NO ONE WATCHES?

I’ll just have to see where it goes.

Thank you so much for reading guys, I can’t wait to spend summer with you all!

Kenny x


Instagram: kxnn.y

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