Turning 19 and Looking to the Future

turning 19 and looking to the future

Hi Guys!

Tomorrow (Friday 13th July 2018) I am turning 19 years old. Looking back over my teen years makes me realise how fast life can change and how quickly it runs through your fingertips. Entering the last year of teenage life, I am finally becoming an adult and looking to the future. This is happening now because I feel like I am a completely myself. Looking inwardly, I realise that the tension I once held in years past has dissipated. This was incredibly exciting to me as it dawned on me that I had the self-confidence to throw myself into anything.

Having the small but amazing platform that I do on Instagram and my Blog has slowly allowed me to come to terms with a true passion of mine: making content. Being creative runs through my veins and from now on I am going to embrace it fully. The opportunities that you guys have allowed me to enjoy have been increasing recently and I have been investing in my future. Investing my time, energy and now money into making everything I put out into the world the best it can be.

Making content is something that I genuinely enjoying doing and something that I am going to do more of. My goal is to be sat here in a years times, finishing my second year of uni and having a content schedule that I stick to and love. Hopefully, you guys and some new people that join the community, will love it too.

So, this is a bit of an announcement I guess. This is me announcing that I will be bringing so much new content onto my current social media platforms and onto a number of new ones. I have been so kindly gifted some amazing equipment and help from Elliot which will enable me to make content that I can be proud of. This content will come in the form of photographs, videos and audio. Building an audience using the people who are still here and still liking and still reading and developing that will take a lot of time. I don’t want big numbers with no engagement. I want to build a community and I really hope you guys can help me do that.

So, I’m going to be launching some new stuff very very soon. On top of that, I will be uploading two blog posts EVERY WEEK. I’m not sure in terms of days and all that jazz yet but it will definitely happen.

This post is only short but I hope you guys are ready for something big. This is my last year as a teen and first year as an adult. Get ready for new projects and lots of fun!

Please drop me a message if you have any questions,

Thank you so much you lovely people,

Kenny x

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