celebrities aren’t excusable

Hi guys,

This week I have been struck by what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother House. It was a moment that will, hopefully, go down in TV history as the turning point in making sure someone with a celebrity status is not excusable for their actions.

Becoming a “celebrity” is seemingly easy in today’s society. Reality TV, YouTube and many other platforms are making celebrities out of everyday people. However, we need to look past the fact that these people are on TV and really look at their actions.

Celebrities actions cannot be excused because they are a celebrity.

Recently, Roxanne Pallett (a British actress), falsely accused fellow actor Ryan Thomas of hitting her. The cameras caught the footage of the alleged moment and deemed that Ryan did nothing. This moment stood out not only to me but to the nation.

Roxanne behaved terribly and was subsequently removed from the house. She tried to end this mans career. Her actions create a minefield of issues that I can see. Firstly, the public outrage is going to make REAL victims of violence (domestic or other) more scared to come forth about it. Roxanne may have just ruined the lives of many men and women globally. She decided to cry wolf over something that didn’t happen. I am still unaware as to why she decided to do this. However, I am glad that people are not letting it go.

Just because she is a celebrity does not mean that she is excusable. In my opinion, the public outrage would not have been as severe if Ryan was not well loved. He is an incredibly popular man which majorly benefited him in this situation. If he was deemed to be slightly arrogant, or having traits that the nation didn’t like, then the public would have been less harsh on Roxanne.

However, this situation can be applied to all celebrities and the celebrity culture. They cannot get away with things just because they are famous. Roxanne needs to be made an example as how not to act. It may give other people the idea to falsely accuse someone of something and therefore get them into trouble. Ryan was lucky he was living somewhere with 24hr surveillance.  If it had happened in a domestic situation Ryan’s life would be ruined.

What really shocked me though, was the fact that Roxanne is now appearing on TV talk shows. They will be paying her to appear. She is profiting from trying to ruin someones life and making real victims less likely to come forward. This is the twisted world of being a celebrity. Roxanne is being paid to say sorry.

It also feeds into situations like the ones Gary Barlow and Jimmy Carr were in regarding tax evasion. A non-celebrity would lose their jobs for these crimes but the aforementioned tax evaders are still working. Donald Trump would have lost his job in KFC if he worked for them when the footage of him talking about women surfaced. The double standards are shocking.

If a celebrity does something criminal, immoral or disgusting they should be blacklisted from the world of fame and should look for other jobs. Simple.


Thanks for reading guys. I know it’s quite a serious post but I thought I’d air my views.

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