Moving Into University Halls ?!

Hi guys!


Today I’m going to have a little chat with you about moving into university halls of residence. That journey wherever place you’ll be living for the next year is a tumultuous one. Your head is telling you everything will be okay, your stomach is telling you that you are scared and your heart is telling you that today is the day you’re leaving home. The typhoon of emotions results in you being a nervous but excited wreck.

So, here’s some advice on what to do when you arrive and on your first day in your room!


A huge bit of advice I have for you is this: pre-plan your parking. This may sound like quite menial thing but it is super important! If you get there and there is no parking or the parking is super awkward and you start cruising for somewhere to stop then this will cause you some stress that you really don’t need. Have a look on google maps the night before or you can even ring the reception of the halls where you’re staying. Try to make the journey and arrival as stress free as possible. ( I promise it’ll help).

Okay, so you’ve arrived and you’ve gone in and got your key. What now? Well, you’ve got to get your stuff up to your room. When I was in halls my room was on floor 6 and quite a few people were moving in. I really wanted to make as few trips as possible just because I was already sweating with nerves and didn’t fancy a workout. So, HELP YOUR FLATMATES! If you arrive before your flatmates then offer a hand. It makes a really good impression and it forces you to interact straight away. If you’re the first one in then hard luck BUT you do get first choice of fridge shelves and that’s always good.

A good bit of advice I have is that I think that you should unpack and organise everything before you even think about anything else. Having your room just how you want it will make those first few days easier. Plus, you can have the help of whoever is helping you move in. Make sure all of your clothes are on coat hangers and all that jazz. Starting off with a super tidy room will make your first few days much easier.

Now, the sad part. Saying goodbye to your parents, carers, friends or whoever dropped you off is hard. It’s the hardest thing you’ll do all day. Make sure that no one hangs around too long. The longer they stay the harder it’ll be to say goodbye. Make sure you walk them out and too their car to see them off. I just feel like doing this gives a bit of closure and you fully understand that you are now completely independent! But, ask them to ring you once they’ve got home. This will make sure that you know they got back safely AND it opens the channel of communication. Getting that first conversation out of the way is really good. If not then neither side will know when the other is ready. It can get complicated so a quick call on the first night is always nice.

These tips are just my thoughts. Tackle your first day however you want. You know yourself best. This is just how I would tackle my very first day if I could turn back time. I hope you all find this super interesting! I want to start talking about student life a lot more because look at the numbers, it’s what you guys want to see!

Make sure you take a peek at all my socials because it really means a lot. I reply to all messages as long as they’re not hate or inappropriate (and that’s a promise). Thank you so much for reading. I can’t wait to write another post for you!

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