It Actually Counts Now… | University Life #8

Hi guys,

It’s been a while.

So, it’s been almost a month since I last posted onto here and I cannot apologise enough. However, I do have a good reason for it!

I am back at uni which means I can start doing my university life blog posts again! This series has, by far, been my most popular series on my blog. I think it must be because my readers are of a similar age to me and are experiencing the same stuff. Last academic year I really appreciated all of your messages about how you appreciated my honesty because my posts genuinely reflected my time at uni and the emotions I was feeling.

What’s changed this year?

Well, to start, I have moved! I am now living with Elliot who I’m sure you all know. We are living together in a studio apartment and we absolutely love it. It is a very different dynamic now that we are living together but it is going really well thus far. We have a system where I do the cooking and he is in charge of the cleaning which is working (for now).

If you make sure you follow me on Instagram I’ll be posting a flat tour soon which I know some people are really excited for! (All the links to my socials are at the bottom of the post!)

This year, I had a very good time during freshers week. I was working for the majority of it but I didn’t mind too much. I work at my student union and honestly it is the best job I’ve ever had. The people are super cool and I actually enjoy what I do there. Other than that, Elliot and I had a few nights out, went out for food, I did an escape room, and I was such a good time. Seeing my pals again and spending time with them was so good and I was just happy.

PLEASE watch these videos I made about my freshers week and what I got up too. I had an amazing time and I think this is an amazing way for you to share that time with me! Please just get a drink, some food and enjoy these vlogs!



If you watched the videos then thank you SO SO SO much!

Basically, what I do this year actually counts. The studying side of it is going to be intense however, we’ll get through it together pals.

Thank you so much for reading!

As ever, if you ever need to chat then drop into my DM’s and we can have a conversation!

Please make sure you’re following me (and maybe even have your notifications turned on) over on Instagram….


I really hope you have another read next week. I know I’ve been quiet on here but I have been checking the views and new readers are joining everyday which is so nice to see.

Kenny x

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