The Best Show In London (and here’s why…)


Hi guys!

Today I am talking about a musical I saw in summer which has resonated with me ever since. This is a show unlike the West-End has ever seen (and probably will not see for a long time).

If you’re yet to figure it out, I’m talking about “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”, a musical that is changing lives literally everyday (and I promise that is not hyperbole). When I mention it to my friends and family they look puzzled which is probably because this show is yet to truly find it’s feet in the “mainstream”. If you love musical theatre, mix in those circles, or read a lot of online news, you’ll have probably heard of this incredible show.

It follows the story of Jamie, a 16 year old boy who dreams of being a drag queen. It tracks his relationships with his family, schoolmates and teachers and their different reactions to his individuality. I’m not going to tell you the whole plot because I really hope once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll want to find out more about the show.

Okay, so the first reason it’s amazing is the relationships represented. Jamie’s relationship with his mum is one that will really make a lump form in your throat. The way their relationship is represented comes to a head in the song “He’s My Boy” and I CHALLENGE anyone to not be enchanted by that song when you’re sat in that theatre. Another relationship that is really of note is between Jamie and his best friend. The songs “Beautiful” and “Spotlight” revolve around his best friend really encouraging Jamie to be his true authentic self. I think Pritti (the best friend) is probably my favourite character, she’s so humble and kind-hearted that you’ll leave the theatre wondering what that character will do with the rest of her life.

Yet, the show does not map simply positive relationships. Jamie and his father show the rough side of being a young gay person in a world that still doesn’t completely understand and respect the LGBTQ* community. If you have ever felt those feelings of rejection or feelings of being uncomfortable in your own song, Jamie sings “Ugly In This World” and you need to go listen to it right now.

Another reason why this is the best show in London right now is when you’re waiting for the lights to dip in the theatre, have a look around. Look at the mothers with the sons, the fathers with their daughters. Have a look a the same sex couples and their children. They are their to watch a story of acceptance and love and to support one another. This is not me saying that you have to be LGBTQ* to go and see this show! Anyone can go and see it, of course! I also loved seeing the younger couples going out in London for date night. The show and the people going to see it represent a modern, socially accepting society and it is BEAUTIFUL.

If you ever want to feel good track go listen to “Out of The Darkness”.

(Also, can we just discuss the cast? John McCrea KILLS it as Jamie. It’s like it’s what he was literally born to perform in this role. They also recently cast Michelle Visage as Miss Hedge which I am sure is a KILLER choice because she has endless talent. I am also hoping to go and see the newly cast Jamie, Layton Williams. He has played Billy Elliot as a child and from what I’ve seen from his other work, this role will be PERFECT for him!)

So, yeah, go see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, or listen to the soundtrack on Spotify at least. Honestly, this musical is representing the true difficulties regarding being a young person who is proudly announcing to the world that they are LGBTQ*.


Thank you so much for reading guys!

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