Why You Should Have House Plants !

Why You Should Have House Plants !

If you take a peek at my Instagram feed, you’ll see a common reoccurrence – house plants. My love for house plants has only recently evolved into a genuine interest and admiration. At the minute, I have seven houseplants of different sizes that occupy the two window ledges in my flat. I started collecting them in September and I am in love with the different species and varieties that I live with. Now, I didn’t just get them because they look good on my Instagram feed! I got them for a number of reasons and these reasons are why I think you should treat yourself to a houseplant too (even just one).


1. Responsibilty

As a student, I’m not allowed to keep even the smallest pets in my flat. The reason I would love to have a pet is because they provide companionship. Even though I live with Elliot, there are times where I’m on my own and I just have to concentrate and work. When the plants are there, it genuinely does feel like I’m not just sat in a room on my own. They act as flat mates, I guess. This is a bit odd to think about but when they’re all just sat there, it just makes the space feel fuller and homelier. It’s a strange paradigm but I like it, and I think you will too! Now, I’m not at the point where I’m naming my plants (I’m not quite there yet). But I have browsed Instagram and seen that it’s a very normal thing. The plants act as something to look after and to focus on. If I’m in my flat all day working, then I can take a break to water the plants or clean the leaves of my rubber fiscus. It’s a welcome break sometimes.

2. Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy was something I was introduced to through Instagram messages after I posted a picture of one of my plants. Basically, plants and being around them can help ease your mind and relax you. I definitely agree with the idea of ecotherapy because since getting my house plants I feel like I have been able to focus much easier as well as relax better. Usually ecotherapy takes place outdoors but the benefit of houseplants has been written about extensively. Without meaning to sound a bit silly, I feel like the plants purify my space. They bring nature into a ten-storey block of flats which exist in an inner city. The idea of ecotherapy, if your interested, is noted in this hand book published by mind:



3. Aesthetic / Decorative

House plants are really pretty. My rubber fiscus and my spider plant add some really interesting height and dimension to my space as well as a pop of colour. I think that succulents are also brilliant for decorating. Especially the really tiny ones because they can just fill a little gap wherever you wish. Although mine all live on a window ledge, I think succulents on a bedside table or a bookshelf can just make a space more interesting. I have no interior design knowledge, BUT I think plants are some of the most beautiful things to put into spaces as long as you look after them!



So, they are my three points explaining why you should get a houseplant. Honestly, they’ll bring a lot of joy to your life especially as a uni student. Making your little room perfect is so important in terms of making yourself productive. If you want to reap the benefits of ecotherapy then I implore you to go out and buy some houseplant!


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