Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Hi guys,

Long time no see.

2019 is here and I although we have already pretty much completed January – we’re only just getting started! To me, a new year is a fresh start and one of the best ways to breathe a bit of fresh air into your life is to change around who you follow on Instagram!

This blog post is my way of helping you Marie Kondo your Instagram feed by introducing you to some of my favourite Instagram accounts and the people behind them. However, the first thing you should do is look down your follow list and simply unfollow some of the accounts that might be clogging up your feed with posts that aren’t enriching. Your Instagram is an extension of yourself and should be a place where you can scroll and relax.

So, here are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts and the people behind them:


Lucy Moon (iamlucymoon)

Lucy Moon is a YouTuber first and foremost but I love her Instagram feed just as much. Her theme is very soft and dream like with a muted colour palette. Her content is mainly lifestyle related and she knows her onions when it comes to cruelty free beauty. I’ve be following Lucy for around 2 years and last year saw the launch of her merch! (Her merch can be found on instagram: @moon.merch , or on the website )

(all photos belong to Lucy Moon)


How does Lucy’s Instagram bring me joy? – I like how her feed is curated and the way in which she documents her life as an influencer but also as a 20 – something living in London. She has an aesthetic that really appeals to me and I think you guys are going to love her too.



Pretty City London (prettycitylondon)

If you know me well enough, you’ll know how much I adore London. London is my favourite city in the world and I try to visit at least once a year. I think Elliot and I are going back this summer for the Proms. This Instagram account is filled with some of the most beautiful images of London. It’s not just a collection of tourist hot-spot photos either. It an account that gets right into the nooks and crannies of London and what it means to be a Londoner.

(all photos belong to Pretty City London)

pretty cities london

How does prettycitylondon bring me joy? – London has always been a place of interest in my life. I didn’t visit until I was 13 and I have been amazed ever since. It is a melting pot of cultures and experiences and somewhere that I love to visit.


The Potted Jungle (@thepottedjungle)

I am a plant person. My flat is littered with plants that I care for to the best of my ability and admittedly limited knowledge. One of my favourite hashtags is #greenyourfeed and this account does just that. Posting images of indoor plants and the way people incorporate them into design is what this account does best. I am constantly thinking about how to decorate my flat and future home and this account gives me endless inspiration.

(all photos belong to The Potted Jungle)


How does The Potted Jungle bring me joy? – It adds some green to my feed and inspires me to incorporate plants into my life and how I design my spaces. #greenyourfeed people.


Polly Florence ( @polly.florence )

Polly is a blogger and incredible Instagram photographer. I cam across her a little while ago but didn’t follow as I didn’t think her account was for me. HOWEVER, as my tastes and interests have changed I couldn’t resist following her. As you can see her theme is so well established and brilliantly executed. The vintage, chilled out look really appeals to me and she is so eclectic in her content.

(all photos belong to Polly Florence)


How does Polly bring me joy? – A love for words, photos and the internet is so evident. A very well curated feed and an amazing eye for a photo.


And last (and probably least)… ME

Kenny Metham (kxnn.y)

I am trying my best to keep to a theme because I have found one that I am super happy with. My account is all about what living life as a student is all about. I like to show you guys my flat, my life, and my interests! If you’re not already, please go and give me a cheeky follow.





Kenny x

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