Halfway Through Uni ?! | University Life #9

Hi guys,


University has already reached it’s halfway point. How? Why? When did this happen? Help.

Time is moving so fast and the realities of real life are thundering towards me like a diesel locomotive with no brakes – and I’m tied to the tracks. Actually, that’s a tad hyperbolic: I’m feeling good, I just don’t want to enter the “adult world” just yet.

When I compare semester one of first year to semester one of second year, the two are worlds apart. This year I am living with Elliot, I have an amazing job, and I’m better at the whole academic side as a whole. My grades have shot up and I’m actually enjoying learning again – but the stress is still there niggling at the back of my skull like a hungry mosquito but we can deal with her.

My mental health is also much better this year as well. I am focused and ready and I feel positive. The one thing that I wish I had better control over right now is my eating. My appetite is large and in charge and I need to learn to ignore it. I can do it but I need to motivate myself a little bit more

In terms of uni, my modules for this semester are the best ones yet. Forensic linguistics, phonetics, and the power of language. Three thumbs up from me in terms of where my skills lie and what I enjoy. I have to start thinking about my dissertation this semester as well which is a bit daunting. I am definitely planning at looking at either language in relation to a specific area of the media OR looking at accent and dialect in my local area because it is very interesting.

My plans after uni? That’s something I also really need to start considering. I have few options though which are constantly whizzing through my mind. In terms of career options I feel like Dorothy in the tornado and I’m crossing my fingers that I land in Oz.

This is my most popular series of blog posts and I have had messages saying it’s because of my honesty. I think it’s important for me to be honest in my posts about university because sometimes we are fed an idealised image of something in the media and that is not always the case. My journey through uni has been tumultuous thus far but it is constantly getting better and I am feeling so good right now. Even though the concept of a career is looming over me – I’m happy and healthy and that is the main thing.

I plan to make my last year and half of university the best it can possibly be. I want to do some exciting things soon and hopefully I can achieve those goal.

I think that’s everything for this update! Stay positive people and remember you can always drop me a message on my Instagram if you ever need a chat!

Instagram: @kxnn.y

Kenny x

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