Eat Like A Pro – Leeds (Part One)

Hi, my name’s Kenny and I really like food.

Food is a massive part of my life. Not just because I am chunky yet funky, but because I love the social aspect of going out to eat and ordering in. If you have a free evening and you don’t want to be stuck in but at the same time, you don’t want to go on a big night out, getting food is such a good middle ground. However, restaurants can get a little pricey especially on a student budget. That’s where I come in.

This is my guide to eating like a pro in the city I call home right now, Leeds. Leeds is such a vibrant place teeming with culture and nightlife. Leeds is also jam packed with amazing places to stuff you face and I’ve been to tonnes of places (probably too many). Therefore, I am here to be your guiding light through the food of Leeds. In this post I will offer my experiences of where is good to eat, and also the best deals you can get.

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Eat Like A Pro – LEEDS!


Blackhouse – The Grill on The Square – ££


Photo belongs to Blackhouse

Sometimes you just want to go to a place with a bit of class and elegance. Perhaps it’s someones birthday, you’ve just handed in a whopper of an essay, or you’re just craving something super delicious, I’ve got just the place for you.

Did you know, the best time to try restaurants that you might think are a bit out your price range is lunch time? Most restaurants offer a reduced price set menu where dishes that are usually quite spenny are reduced in price.

For my bf Elliot’s birthday lunch, we went to Blackhouse – The Grill on The Square and had an incredible meal part of their lunch menu! Basically, they had a selection of dishes that, during lunch times on weekdays are reduced in price. The restaurant itself is stunning. Blackhouse specialise in meat and cocktails. They have a retracting roof in the conservatory area with heat lamps so you can dine alfresco without getting cold. The decor is classic: cosy and elegant. They have a wall of windows which is decorated with rows of fairy lights. Honestly, it’s super cute and, if you ask for that lunch menu, super affordable for a fancy meal. Then, you can use some of the money you’ve saved on one of their signature cocktails.

As you can see by the pics, Elliot and I both went for the fajitas which came out on a sizzling griddle adding a performance aspect to the meal. It was probably the best fajitas I’ve ever had. The waiters were super attentive and friendly and honestly it was the perfect lunch. Who said you can only dine in the evening? The restaurant was nice and quiet so we could chat without having to shout. Blackhouse also have restaurants in Glasgow and Manchester. It was well worth it I promise you.

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Light bites and street food is the best and is quite often quite affordable. That means you can grab a few different bits to make up a good sized meal. In Leeds the options for street food and light bites are virtually endless. However, there are a couple of standout spots that I want to draw your attention too….

Trinity Kitchen – £


A Leeds staple. Trinity Kitchen is a space where multiple street food vendors gather on a revolving contract meaning the options are ever changing. Trinity Kitchen also happens to be an amazing place to gather a foody night out. In terms of getting it right you cannot go wrong with a burrito from Tortilla (who do a good student discount) or a stunning pizza from Pizzaluxe. Their changing vendors also offer vegan options a plenty. The atmosphere really tops of the great street food though. The decor is very urban with graffiti and exposed ceiling.

The window seats are the best where you can look out over Leeds city centre and people watch as you eat your food. If you don’t fancy an alcoholic drink from the bar, I have a great drinks hack for you. Pizzaluxe do an unlimited refill (within reason) soft drink cup where you can go back as much as you like (again within reason). So you can eat, drink and chat all in the very heart of Leeds. Plus the food is so affordable it’s criminal. With the student discount, a huge burrito from Tortilla is only costing you £5 (I know). A great place to meet friends before a big night out or as a cute date idea, Trinity Kitchen is a hub of great food. One day I really want to get one small item from every vendor there and just have a feast with some friends.

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Cracking Coffee and Cake

Sociable Folk – ££

If you guys like this blog post then I am 100% planning on doing one all about the coffee of Leeds. Coffee is something that I love and Leeds is full of lovely cafes that are all tucked away in the nook and crannies of the city centre. Sociable folk however is a spot that I frequent often. As far as I am aware it is an independent coffee shop that uses coffee beans roasted in the local area. The best thing about it though? It doesn’t charge extra for milk or for coffee syrups! My normal order is a soya milk latte with a vanilla shot which I enjoy in the very instagrammable decor. The spot is usually quiet unless you go first thing in the morning or during lunch. The later the afternoon the better a study/productive space this is. They also do food which I haven’t tried but I plan on doing soon. Elliot and I also usually get a brownie which are divine. We’ve tried the Oreo brownie, chocolate orange brownie, and the butterscotch brownie which were all stunning. And, by night Sociable Folk transforms into a bar selling wine and beer until the early evening. It is such a lovely spot that is hidden away just outside of the city centres main thoroughfare of people.

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This is the first part in this little series I want to start. Plus, when food becomes a hobby I feel less bad for eating so much!

Thank you so much for reading everyone, it really means a lot!

If you have any suggestions of places I should eat in Leeds OR around the country please let me know! I’m going to start doing more lifestyle based reviews because I it’s what I enjoy doing and writing.

Thank you so much!

Kenny 🙂

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