An Evening In Leeds – What To Do?

Hi guys and welcome to another little travel post! This blog is now pretty much 100% travel and thank you so much for the amazing response to that!

Today I am going to be talking about the nightlife in Leeds. There’s so much to be done in Leeds on an evening but sometimes it gets a bad rap. Leeds is very much a student city but it’s not all about the pubs and the clubs. This guide is going to show you some bits and bobs you can do on an a relaxed evening in Leeds!

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Family Fun



Junkyard Golf Club – Leeds

Junkyard is mini golf on steroids. Three AMAZING courses that are incredibly well themed. I’ve been invited to a few events by Junkyard and honestly I had the best time. It is utterly insane and each course has a different twists and turns. There are so many photo opportunities here and their cocktails are incredible. The best thing is, students can play for half price! This is a family friendly venue especially during the afternoon. The later it gets the busier it gets! You can book ahead if you fancy as well.

A Night At The Theatre


Leeds Grand Theatre

OPULENCE. This theatre is stunning and if you’ve got a little money to spare then a book yourself a ticket to a show here. The decor is so traditional and is one of the nicest theatres I’ve ever been too (and that counts London as well!). I recently went to see Benidorm Live! here and I had the best time. On the outside you would NEVER think that this exists inside and it’s a bit of a hidden secret in Leeds. There are so many good shows coming up so book yourself a ticket and enjoy.

Cocktails with Class


Poison Cocktail Lounge

If you’re wanting a classy night out where you sip cocktails and talk trash, then Poison is the place for you. It’s a bit of a secret venue and has a “speak easy” vibe. It lies below a jazz bar so you’d have to know it was there to see it. Their drinks are a little expensive but the quality and exclusivity makes it all worth it. Believe it or not, Leeds is teeming with secret spots just like this and many people who are Leeds natives have no idea they exist!

Test Yourself


Escape Hunt UK

Late last year, I was invited to visit Escape Hunt UK in Leeds. My friends and I tried the Samurai themed Escape Room and it was honestly one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done.  You might need to book ahead but it is well worth it. You can have of 2 up to 6 and it is really popular among work parties as a way of improving team work. You have to use your mind and a whole host of other abilities to beat the rooms! This is not the only place that do Escape Rooms in Leeds, though. There are horror rooms, fantasy rooms, and even fairy tale themed rooms! Just have a look about.


So there you have it, four amazing things to do in Leeds on an evening! I’ll probably do more of these but I hope this has left you feeling inspired! Leeds is my home city when I’m at university. Leeds is not all about clubbing, there is so much more to explore.

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Kenny 🙂




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