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afternoon tea diaries

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Hi guys!

I recently visited the Admiral Rodney hotel in the little town of Horncastle in Lincolnshire. My mum and I went for afternoon tea for a (very) late Mother’s Day celebration and because we just fancied it. We chose this particular hotel as we are often very close to Horncastle and it seemed popular from the reviews.


The décor in the dining room was lovely. Very understated but bright and spacious. One wall was decorated like an English cottage. White painted brick with beams that were coloured in a duck egg blue. The seating was also very nice, with some high backed chairs that were super comfy. The lay out of the restaurant means you have a lot of space and don’t feel cramped. There are two sections separated by a few steps making them at different levels. The whole room has a skylight above like a walled conservatory meaning the centre seats were bathed in light.


The main event was very nice. At first sight, I though that the price may be a little steep for what was offered but it was more than enough for my mum and me. The presentation was on three tiers on a cage like stand. The highlight of the food was probably the date and walnut cake which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did. On thing, this is not an afternoon tea for a person who loves savoury items over sweet. I could have done with some more sandwiches, a portion of crisps, salad, or coleslaw. This, however, my divert from the traditional vibe the Admiral Rodney was going for.

The tea was served in china cups and was, of course, unlimited. The staff were stretched on out visit as they had a large party in another room, but we didn’t mind the slow service. It gave us time to chat like afternoon tea is intended for. The price was £24 for the two of us which was worth it. You are paying for the ambience in the dining room, the quality of the food (smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches were amazing). We had a lovely seat in the corner of the room which meant we had a view facing the dining room. Our seat was a little dark but that only affected my photo taking (blogger life is tough okay).



Overall, I think that the Admiral Rodney is a lovely place. I don’t think I’d have the afternoon tea again BUT we did book a table for the future to try their main menu as the food coming from the kitchen looked stunning. If you love a high quality, sweet heavy afternoon tea, The Admiral Rodney is perfect for you!

Thank you so much for reading the first instalment of The Afternoon Tea Diaries! I hope you enjoyed it and please leave me some comments with other ideas on where my mum and I can have afternoon tea up and down the country!

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This post is not sponsored nor was it in collaboration with the Admiral Rodney Hotel. All views expressed are my own! 🙂

Kenny 😊

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