Brunch in the Woods

So, this Saturday I really fancied going out for Brunch. I’d woken up a little later than expected and was in the mood for food. I was looking online for a brunch spot that wasn’t too expensive and was good for photos. I bought a new camera the other day and I wanted to take it on a road test so I could learn how to use it a bit more.

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I settled on a place in Leeds called “Out of the Woods” and honestly it was incredible. They have two locations in Leeds but I chose the one in Granary Wharf. The decor, first of all, is lovely. The ceiling is dotted with lots of light bulbs that hang down low. The decor reflected that of a woodland retreat and the colours were very warm and autumnal.

Inside Out of the Woods

We sat down at the bench which looked out at Granary Wharf. We arrived at about 10:15 and it was fairly quiet, just how I like it. The menus were attached to a wooden clipboard just adding to the theming. The menu was small but well constructed. I went for the Woods All in One whereas Elliot went for the Superfood bowl. Alongside, Elliot got a fresh apple juice from the fridge and I went for a soya latte.

The latte was good and served in a mug. The mug was a nice touch as although they can do fancy latte art, it added again to the woodland theme which was warm and cosy.

The food was utterly divine. I cannot stress enough how good it was. The “Woods All in One” was a huge chunk of sourdough bread decorated with all things “brunch”. There was a tomato and habanero chilli jam base with avocado, bacon and a poached egg on top. The egg was perfectly cooked with a runny centre and the jam was not overpowering as I had expected. The dish was very well put together and looked amazing on the plate! This dish costed £6.50 which I though was a very fair price.

Woods All in One

Elliot’s Superfood bowl was good but no match for my Woods All in One. It was a mason jar filled with an acai berry and banana blend with granola and topped with a few extra pieces of banana. The jar was huge which is a bonus and it was definitely filling. Although, Elliot found it not too his taste and a bit sickly. The smoothie is mixed with guarana syrup so perhaps there was a little too much of it. That is only our perception of it though! We looked at their instagram feed before we left and the Superfood bowl looked very lovely decorated with fruits and some kind of seed. However, outs didn’t come with that. The Superfood bowl was £5.

Overall, we had a great experience at Out of the Woods and can’t wait to return. On our next visit we won’t be having the Superfood Bowl but we really want to try the pancakes or the banana bread dishes! If you’re looking for a cosy place with amazing theming and food then Out of the Woods is your perfect match!



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