Halfway Through Uni ?! | University Life #9

Hi guys,   University has already reached it’s halfway point. How? Why? When did this happen? Help. Time is moving so fast and the realities of real life are thundering towards me like a diesel locomotive with no brakes – and I’m tied to the tracks. Actually, that’s a tad hyperbolic: I’m feeling good, I just don’t want to enter the “adult world” just yet. When … Continue reading Halfway Through Uni ?! | University Life #9

Why You Should Have House Plants !

Why You Should Have House Plants ! If you take a peek at my Instagram feed, you’ll see a common reoccurrence – house plants. My love for house plants has only recently evolved into a genuine interest and admiration. At the minute, I have seven houseplants of different sizes that occupy the two window ledges in my flat. I started collecting them in September and … Continue reading Why You Should Have House Plants !

The Best Show In London (and here’s why…)

  Hi guys! Today I am talking about a musical I saw in summer which has resonated with me ever since. This is a show unlike the West-End has ever seen (and probably will not see for a long time). If you’re yet to figure it out, I’m talking about “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”, a musical that is changing lives literally everyday (and I promise … Continue reading The Best Show In London (and here’s why…)

It Actually Counts Now… | University Life #8

Hi guys, It’s been a while. So, it’s been almost a month since I last posted onto here and I cannot apologise enough. However, I do have a good reason for it! I am back at uni which means I can start doing my university life blog posts again! This series has, by far, been my most popular series on my blog. I think it … Continue reading It Actually Counts Now… | University Life #8

Moving Into University Halls ?!

Hi guys!   Today I’m going to have a little chat with you about moving into university halls of residence. That journey wherever place you’ll be living for the next year is a tumultuous one. Your head is telling you everything will be okay, your stomach is telling you that you are scared and your heart is telling you that today is the day you’re … Continue reading Moving Into University Halls ?!

celebrities aren’t excusable

Hi guys, This week I have been struck by what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother House. It was a moment that will, hopefully, go down in TV history as the turning point in making sure someone with a celebrity status is not excusable for their actions. Becoming a “celebrity” is seemingly easy in today’s society. Reality TV, YouTube and many other platforms are making … Continue reading celebrities aren’t excusable