It Actually Counts Now… | University Life #8

Hi guys, It’s been a while. So, it’s been almost a month since I last posted onto here and I cannot apologise enough. However, I do have a good reason for it! I am back at uni which means I can start doing my university life blog posts again! This series has, by far, been my most popular series on my blog. I think it … Continue reading It Actually Counts Now… | University Life #8

The Truth About A-Level Results…

Hi Guys,   Firstly, congratulations to everyone who got through A-Levels and completed their courses. You should be super proud of yourselves, genuinely. The thing about A-Level results is that soon they really won’t matter. Whatever you achieved, they will just help you get to the next step in life. Looking back now, my results (AAA) were the last thing on my mind the first day … Continue reading The Truth About A-Level Results…

EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

Hey guys, I feel like my last two blog posts have been pretty down and out. I’ve been discussing social issues that I feel need to be talked about and, although important, isn’t everything this blog is about. So this weeks post will be a bit lighter and brighter. I’VE FINISHED FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY! My exams are done, and all my library books returned, … Continue reading EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

A Lot Has Changed… | University Life #6

Hi guys, I can’t believe this is the sixth instalment in my university life bog diary thingy! I think, after this one, there will be one more this academic year and then summer starts! You guys have loved my little jottings about university and how honest I’ve been and I really appreciate every word you read! A lot has changed since the last time I sat … Continue reading A Lot Has Changed… | University Life #6

A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

*takes a long deep breath* I’m feeling good. I’m feeling really good and really positive. This semester at university has got off to such an incredible start. After last semester (which you can read about here)  I knew I had to make a change. I knew that to succeed I would have to change my habits, get in a better mental head space and keep myself … Continue reading A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

Semester One – University Life #2

Well, semester one was a learning curve in more ways than one way. University, on the academic side of things, was more intense than I had anticipated. The learning atmosphere I experienced during school and college was obliterated. The anonymity of lectures had both positive and negative effects on me. The positive aspect was that I felt comfortable. There was no pressure on my shoulders … Continue reading Semester One – University Life #2