Trailer – The Avocado Generation

Welcome to The Avocado Generation! This podcast is a place where we take a comedic and lighthearted look at the issues facing young people as we take our first steps out into the real world. In each episode we’ll take a topic and make it seem less scary together. From nightclubs to university to body image we’ll be having a laugh, telling some stories and speaking to some special guests! Continue reading Trailer – The Avocado Generation

That Time Of The Year | EXAM TIME

Hi guys, Today I am just doing a quick post all about the dreaded exam time that is looming over a lot of us right now. This post is perfect for anyone who is doing GCSEs, A-Levels, University Exams or if you have children going through them. As soon as Easter is over, the stark realisation that exams are super close comes crashing down on … Continue reading That Time Of The Year | EXAM TIME

The Best Show In London (and here’s why…)

  Hi guys! Today I am talking about a musical I saw in summer which has resonated with me ever since. This is a show unlike the West-End has ever seen (and probably will not see for a long time). If you’re yet to figure it out, I’m talking about “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”, a musical that is changing lives literally everyday (and I promise … Continue reading The Best Show In London (and here’s why…)