Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Hi guys! So now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and getting them ordered! In this blog post I’ll be including what I’ve found whilst browsing the shops this year! I hope you find this interesting and I hope that it inspires you even just a little bit. I’ve gone for THREE main categories: lifestyle, fashion, and beauty! I think you’ll find … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Turning 19 and Looking to the Future

Hi Guys! Tomorrow (Friday 13th July 2018) I am turning 19 years old. Looking back over my teen years makes me realise how fast life can change and how quickly it runs through your fingertips. Entering the last year of teenage life, I am finally becoming an adult and looking to the future. This is happening now because I feel like I am a completely … Continue reading Turning 19 and Looking to the Future

BOYS CAN CRY! | Toxic Masculinity

Hi guys,   Just a little warning about this post: it’s going to be a tad intense. Whilst writing I find that the undertones to my creative work are almost a stream of my personal consciousness. I write, sometimes, without any plot nor characters planned ahead. I write whatever enters my mind and whatever I feel. When reading back my work I have found a … Continue reading BOYS CAN CRY! | Toxic Masculinity

My Plans For March | University Life #5

Hi guys! This is just a little update regarding what I’m doing and how I’m doing at university. Also, the featured pic is mine and the weather has been crazy the past few days! Firstly, we are coming to the closing chapters of this term which, for me, comes with mixed feelings. I am feeling very productive at the minute and I am really pushing … Continue reading My Plans For March | University Life #5