Trailer – The Avocado Generation

Welcome to The Avocado Generation! This podcast is a place where we take a comedic and lighthearted look at the issues facing young people as we take our first steps out into the real world. In each episode we’ll take a topic and make it seem less scary together. From nightclubs to university to body image we’ll be having a laugh, telling some stories and speaking to some special guests! Continue reading Trailer – The Avocado Generation

That Time Of The Year | EXAM TIME

Hi guys, Today I am just doing a quick post all about the dreaded exam time that is looming over a lot of us right now. This post is perfect for anyone who is doing GCSEs, A-Levels, University Exams or if you have children going through them. As soon as Easter is over, the stark realisation that exams are super close comes crashing down on … Continue reading That Time Of The Year | EXAM TIME

Afternoon Tea Diaries – The Admiral Rodney Hotel

  Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi guys! I recently visited the Admiral Rodney hotel in the little town of Horncastle in Lincolnshire. My mum and I went for afternoon tea for a (very) late Mother’s Day celebration and because we just fancied it. We chose this particular hotel as we are often very close to Horncastle and it seemed popular from the reviews. reading Afternoon Tea Diaries – The Admiral Rodney Hotel

Covent Garden – Affordable Brunch

My number one place to stay in London is Covent Garden and the surrounding areas. If I’m visiting London, I’m going to do it properly and be right in the thick of it. Covent Garden is such a beautiful area of London but it can be super pricey. Brunch is such a popular concept amongst millennial’s and London knows that. This makes finding an affordable … Continue reading Covent Garden – Affordable Brunch