Why You Should Have House Plants !

Why You Should Have House Plants ! If you take a peek at my Instagram feed, you’ll see a common reoccurrence – house plants. My love for house plants has only recently evolved into a genuine interest and admiration. At the minute, I have seven houseplants of different sizes that occupy the two window ledges in my flat. I started collecting them in September and … Continue reading Why You Should Have House Plants !

The Truth About A-Level Results…

Hi Guys,   Firstly, congratulations to everyone who got through A-Levels and completed their courses. You should be super proud of yourselves, genuinely. The thing about A-Level results is that soon they really won’t matter. Whatever you achieved, they will just help you get to the next step in life. Looking back now, my results (AAA) were the last thing on my mind the first day … Continue reading The Truth About A-Level Results…

Turning 19 and Looking to the Future

Hi Guys! Tomorrow (Friday 13th July 2018) I am turning 19 years old. Looking back over my teen years makes me realise how fast life can change and how quickly it runs through your fingertips. Entering the last year of teenage life, I am finally becoming an adult and looking to the future. This is happening now because I feel like I am a completely … Continue reading Turning 19 and Looking to the Future

EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

Hey guys, I feel like my last two blog posts have been pretty down and out. I’ve been discussing social issues that I feel need to be talked about and, although important, isn’t everything this blog is about. So this weeks post will be a bit lighter and brighter. I’VE FINISHED FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY! My exams are done, and all my library books returned, … Continue reading EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

A Lot Has Changed… | University Life #6

Hi guys, I can’t believe this is the sixth instalment in my university life bog diary thingy! I think, after this one, there will be one more this academic year and then summer starts! You guys have loved my little jottings about university and how honest I’ve been and I really appreciate every word you read! A lot has changed since the last time I sat … Continue reading A Lot Has Changed… | University Life #6