celebrities aren’t excusable

Hi guys, This week I have been struck by what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother House. It was a moment that will, hopefully, go down in TV history as the turning point in making sure someone with a celebrity status is not excusable for their actions. Becoming a “celebrity” is seemingly easy in today’s society. Reality TV, YouTube and many other platforms are making … Continue reading celebrities aren’t excusable

EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

Hey guys, I feel like my last two blog posts have been pretty down and out. I’ve been discussing social issues that I feel need to be talked about and, although important, isn’t everything this blog is about. So this weeks post will be a bit lighter and brighter. I’VE FINISHED FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY! My exams are done, and all my library books returned, … Continue reading EXAMS?!?! | University Life #7

BOYS CAN CRY! | Toxic Masculinity

Hi guys,   Just a little warning about this post: it’s going to be a tad intense. Whilst writing I find that the undertones to my creative work are almost a stream of my personal consciousness. I write, sometimes, without any plot nor characters planned ahead. I write whatever enters my mind and whatever I feel. When reading back my work I have found a … Continue reading BOYS CAN CRY! | Toxic Masculinity

A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

*takes a long deep breath* I’m feeling good. I’m feeling really good and really positive. This semester at university has got off to such an incredible start. After last semester (which you can read about here)  I knew I had to make a change. I knew that to succeed I would have to change my habits, get in a better mental head space and keep myself … Continue reading A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

Semester Two Modules – University Life #3

Hi guys! I’m writing this little university update simply because my other ones were very well received and you readers seem to enjoy the university centred posts! So, on Monday I began Semester Two! I came into this semester with a very positive attitude and if you want to read more about that, check out my other blog post. This Semester I am once again … Continue reading Semester Two Modules – University Life #3