BOYS CAN CRY! | Toxic Masculinity

Hi guys,   Just a little warning about this post: it’s going to be a tad intense. Whilst writing I find that the undertones to my creative work are almost a stream of my personal consciousness. I write, sometimes, without any plot nor characters planned ahead. I write whatever enters my mind and whatever I feel. When reading back my work I have found a … Continue reading BOYS CAN CRY! | Toxic Masculinity

My Plans For March | University Life #5

Hi guys! This is just a little update regarding what I’m doing and how I’m doing at university. Also, the featured pic is mine and the weather has been crazy the past few days! Firstly, we are coming to the closing chapters of this term which, for me, comes with mixed feelings. I am feeling very productive at the minute and I am really pushing … Continue reading My Plans For March | University Life #5

A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

*takes a long deep breath* I’m feeling good. I’m feeling really good and really positive. This semester at university has got off to such an incredible start. After last semester (which you can read about here)  I knew I had to make a change. I knew that to succeed I would have to change my habits, get in a better mental head space and keep myself … Continue reading A Breath of Fresh Motivation | University Life #4

Semester Two Modules – University Life #3

Hi guys! I’m writing this little university update simply because my other ones were very well received and you readers seem to enjoy the university centred posts! So, on Monday I began Semester Two! I came into this semester with a very positive attitude and if you want to read more about that, check out my other blog post. This Semester I am once again … Continue reading Semester Two Modules – University Life #3

Semester One – University Life #2

Well, semester one was a learning curve in more ways than one way. University, on the academic side of things, was more intense than I had anticipated. The learning atmosphere I experienced during school and college was obliterated. The anonymity of lectures had both positive and negative effects on me. The positive aspect was that I felt comfortable. There was no pressure on my shoulders … Continue reading Semester One – University Life #2

My Start to University

Hi It’s been a while since I’ve been at all active on Social Media and I apologise. However, in the last three months my life has completely changed and evolved. I started university. I was thrust into independence and felt completely unprepared. The first few weeks were a struggle, this cannot be denied. All the new people and all the new experiences were somewhat overwhelming … Continue reading My Start to University